Warning: This post may affect the colors evacuating your body

Those of you whose stomachs are familiar with beets know what I’m talking about. Beets are a deep purple, and the color seems to keep reappearing once you eat them. I feel that it is my duty to warn those who have never tried them—so as to prevent any “oh my god I’m dying” moments.

     Roasted beets are a delectable treat for any dinner. They’re the perfect way to get out of a “vegetable rut” and try something new! Don’t let their dirt-covered state and long leaves scare you away—they’re actually incredibly easy to prepare.
Roasted Beets
Step 1: Cut beet roots away from leaves, leaving about ¼ inch of stem and scrub the beets with soap and water. Beets can be realllly dirty, so I find that the easiest way to do this is to just plug up your sink, fill it with soapy water, and scrub each beet with a sponge before rinsing.
Step 2: Place beets in a baking dish filled with ~1 inch of water. And cover.
Step 3: Roast on 425˚F for 30-50 minutes, or until a knife easily pierces the beet.
Step 4: At this point, your beets are ready to consume! Simply peel of the skin (your fingers will get red) and enjoy!
     As you’re cleaning up your kitchen after preparing your beets, you might stumble upon this sight:
These are the beet greens that we cut away from the beets earlier. Lucky for us, they taste great cooked up the same way that you cook other greens! Quick and simple.
Sautéed Greens
1. Add oil to skillet and heat on medium-high
2. Once hot, add cut up greens.
3. Cook until mostly done
4. Add minced garlic and cook for 30 seconds
5. Remove from heat and squeeze lemon juice over the greens
6. TADA!
I enjoyed these beets and greens with my meal for dinner, but I also used the leftover roasted beets as a salad topper for my lunches! I just love incorporating leftovers in new and different ways for lunches.
More later on the completion of the dinner meal. I can hardly stay awake right now. (As a side note, I’m sick and have been losing sleep, so tonight will be a long, restful night of sleeping for me)

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