>Aaa Aaa Aaa CHOO!

>, brea     I’m sick. 😦 I dislike being sick for two main reasons: 1)I feel less motivated to exercise/physical exert myself, 2)My boyfriend acts as if I have the bubonic plague. I was able to concur reason #1 today by getting a great circuit workout in at the gym today. I think getting a great night’s sleep and taking some Dayquil really got me into workout mode! But before we get to my workout, let’s talk Breakfast:

steel cut w/diced apple, chunky natural pb, & spices

     A while later, I ate my usual cocoa-yogurt-cereal combo (with a homemade chocolate pb cup–I couldn’t help myself) and then headed off to the gym!
Today’s Workout: Circuit Strength Training Routine
Circuit 1: (3 sets) 10 squats w/2-25lb dumbbells, 10 chest press w/2-25 lb dumbbells, 10 bent over row w/25lb dumbbell
Circuit 2: (3 sets) 12 plié squats w/40lb dumbbell, 10 arnold shoulder presses
Circuit 3 (3 sets) 10 skull crushers w/2-10lb dumbbells, 12 straight-let dead lifts 2/2-20lb dumbbells, 10 curls/hammer curls/isolated curls w/2-15lb dumbbells
     Afterwards, I stopped at my parent’s house to drop off some recycling but ended up having a nice afternoon with my mother! First, she fed me some homemade chicken noodle soup and stuffed cabbage rolls. Then, we headed out to Home Depot to pick up some seeds for our future garden. I also picked up a few plants for the apartment–trying to decorate little-by-little.
     Later, I basically chilled around until dinner, which was made up of roasted brussel sprouts and carrots with a leftover ultimate veggie burger w/sprouts, avocado, dijon mustard, & sriracha.

Annnd a couple varieties of ice cream. Annnd some nuts. (I was feeling pretty hungry/in the mood to eat… this has been happening for the past few days)
    And now I’m debating where the night will go. It may just end up in a relaxing evening-we’ll see.


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