>Today’s Lick-the-Spoon Moment: Waking up naturally rather than to an alarm.

     I started the day out (not surprisingly) with a warm bowl of steel cut oats with flaxseed meal and frozen organic blueberries and raspberries. I served them alongside my usual gallon of coffee. (Just kidding- it was more like 24 oz) 
     After breakfast I had the honor of being the only one to show up for a meeting at work. Luckily, I still got paid for it and it’s my overtime week. yess By the time I got back home I was already hungry again so I had my cocoa-yogurt-cereal concoction (1 c plain yogurt, 1 T cocoa, 1/2 pack stevia, dash cinnamon, 1/4 c cereal) and surfed the web until it was time for my workout.

Today’s Workout: 45 minutes on the “interval” setting of the elliptical (not to be confused with HIIT), 1 hour Hatha Yoga class
     I try to do yoga at least once a week. Yoga benefits your body in so many ways. I find it to be so centering and relaxing. Also, it’s great for relieving all the tightness and twinges in your muscles. Depending on the class, it really challenges your body in ways that aerobics and strength training don’t.
     By the time I got back to my apartment I was starving again! I resisted the urge to stop and pick something up and made myself a yummy egg sandwich. To appease my hunger, I snacked on an apple as I cooked. I took the liberty of photographing my process:

buttered bread w/.25cup shredded cheese
egg w/black and red pepper
topped w/tomato, onion, oregano, basil
complete with egg
As you can see, I topped it off with mustard and served it up with carrots and snap peas

     And now it’s time to (finally) take a shower so I can head to the grocery store to get all the things I need to make Veggie Burgers tonight! (Post to follow…and I promise I’ll eventually get to that yogurt post)
     I’ll leave you with an interesting article regarding the new USDA Guidelines: What the USDA Dietary Guidelines Got Wrong


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