Super(food) Bowl

As you who have read some of my past posts know, I work a job where I have 12-hour shifts. I work two days, then I’m off two days, then I work three days, then I’m off two, then I work two, then I’m off three. If you followed that, it means that I work every other weekend (for three days). And this was my weekend… hence the lack of posting. BUT! All weekend long I had something to look forward to! The Super Bowl!

     I was looking forward to it because (other than liking football) my friend hosted a superbowl party! Complete with delicious homemade pizza and goods that other folks brought. I wish that I had snapped a photo to show off the awesomeness of it all. Midway through the soiree, one of my friends and I realized that there was no dessert! (gasp) So we ended up running to the grocery store and buying ice cream, cones, cookies, and cupcakes (of the delicious Ukrops variety). Needless to say, I really filled up on food, beer, and desserts. I’m willing to say it was all worth it. I love a little splurge every once and a while! And today I’m back on track, starting with a healthy bowl of steel cut oats with pumpkin, blueberries, and almond butter. After, I’m hitting the gym for a kickboxing class!
   My question to you is: do your habits change after a great feast or do you just go about your buisness as normal?

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