Lazy Monday

Monday monday monday… what a beautiful day coming off of a work-weekend.

Today’s Workout: Kick-It Interval Class –> A great workout that mixes kick boxing cardio with strength training intervals for an intensive one hour kick-butt-sweat-session

Afterwards, I had a nice cup of my cocoa-yogurt-cereal concoction and handled some tax preparation stuff. I am fortunate to have a mother who volunteered to do my taxes with her Turbo Tax… otherwise I wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do. I can’t believe it’s tax time already!

I was busy doing things on the internet… can’t really remember what. I think it was a combination of reading blogs and buying groupons… (note to self: try managing time better) Anyways, I ended up being very hungry by the time I got around to eating lunch, so I enjoyed a pink lady apple while doing my prep-work.

Luckily, I didn’t have to hold off on a good lunch for too long because I was eating everything cold. I ate some leftover Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Barley Risotto (cooked with added chicken breast) overtop of some romaine lettuce with carrot chips and sugar snap peas on the side. I ate it cold because I dislike microwave-reheating foods and was too lazy to pull out a saucepan to heat it on the stove.
Funny story: the first time I ate this “risotto”, it was not nearly done cooking because I was running late to class. It was more like a chicken, half-cooked barley, half-raw sweet potato soup. Luckily I was able to finish cooking it on low while I was at school so that I could still enjoy the leftovers.
A little while later I had some nuts because I was still feeling a bit hungry. I’ve been eating a lot of nuts lately, and I’m so glad that I started! In the past I would describe myself as being almost scared of nuts. I avoided them due to their high calorie content, but honestly, since I’ve been eating them more regularly, I’ve actually maintained my weight very well and even lost a pound. (Not the I needed or wanted to) And they have such a good nutritional profile! Click here for just one site’s overview on nuts.
Coming soon: How to make Homemade Yogurt

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