Late Night Pizza mmmm

I have a confession to make. I love late-night, cheap pizza. It’s not gourmet. It’s not whole grain. It involves no preparation. It pairs nicely with an ice-cold beer. And that is exactly what my evening comprised of.
I spent the day and evening hanging out with friends, and by the time we thought about dinner it was 10 PM! So, naturally, we had to order pizza. In Richmond, there are two main choices in local, cheap, late-night pizza: Chanello’s and Assante’s. We chose Assante’s, and boy am I glad that we did! We ordered a vegetarian pizza, and I must say that the crust was better than a lot of mainstream pizza crusts out there. The toppings weren’t as varied as I prefer with veggie pizzas, but it was definitely more than worth the 11.99 (before tax) per large pizza.

The evidence.

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