The early bird…

>… gets the workout!
Today I woke up at 8am without any alarm clock and was pleasantly surprised to have time to go to BootCamp at my YMCA! So I ate a pear and drank some water and took off.


I particularly like BootCamp on Saturdays because it’s only 45 minutes, and it’s always an awesome workout. Have you ever tried a Boot Camp style workout?
     Once finished and feeling fantastic, I prepared a delectable bowl of multigrain hot cereal with warm spices, wild blueberries, pomegranate arils, and wheat germ.


As many of you probably know already, wild blueberries and pomegranate arils are both high in antioxidants. (Also, they’re just plain delicious) Wheat germ has a wonderful, nutty taste that complements the berries and pomegranate arils perfectly. It’s also loaded with vitamin E, folic acid, and other essential nutrients. Just check out the nutritional information.

wheat germ

I love having nutritious breakfasts that are super delicious as wel. What’s your favorite breakfast?


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