>Feeling Hot Hot Hot

>Awesomism of the Day: Going to the gym in the middle of Winter and leaving feeling like it’s WARM outside!
Today’s Workout: Circuit Training Weights Workout
Warm Up : 5 minutes elliptical
1st Circuit (rpt 3x)
– Squats 12 reps w/17.5 lb dumbbells
– Chest Flys 10 reps w/17.5 lb dumbbells
– Reverse Flys 8 reps w/17.5 lb dumbbells
2nd Circuit (rpt 3x)
– Plie Squats 12 reps w/40lbs
– Arnold Shoulder Press 8 reps w/15lb dumbbells
3rd Circuit (rpt 3x)
– Triceps Kickbacks 10 reps w/15lb
– Straight-leg Dead Lifts 12 reps w/2-20lb dumbbells
– Bicep, hammer, isolated curls 10 reps w/15lb dumbbells
Core Workout
– 25 sit-ups on ball
– 15 jack-knives
– 15 russian twists
– 15 reverse curls w/leg lifts
– 25 crunches w/legs in butterfly
– 20 side plank hip-ups (rpt other side)
– Opposite hand and leg raise w/stabilizing leg’s foot raised – 45 sec each
– 60 sec forearm plank
This workout was great. I felt like I really worked hard. I finished it off with a nice stretch and then headed home for my delicious cocoa yogurt cereal combination.


I only use half a pack of stevia in my yogurt, so I try to make it a habit of preparing an extra baggy of mix-ins for my workdays. It saves me time and stress since I work 12 hour days.


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