Extra Procrastination Hour

So as most people currently residing in the United States of America know, today marked the start (or is it end?) of daylight savings. Unfortunately my sense of time is rather messed up right now due to my work shifts starting at 6am and my recent night-outs ending at 3am. So it’s currently almost 11am, and if I didn’t read the time on the clock, I would have no sense of it whatsoever.

Anyways, my point in bringing up daylight savings is that I’m trying to rationalize the massive amounts of procrastination that I have undergone for the past hour and half. I’m telling myself that starting this blog counts as something productive. Oh, and I just navigated a separate tag on my browser to finally conduct an exit interview for one of my student loans.
On a side note, I think it’s sort of funny how it’s always been this expected/accepted thing that I’m going to go to college for four years and come out with lots of debt. This plan seems rather illogical at times like these, when I can only think of a few friends who ended up landing full time jobs. But I guess I ended up being one of the lucky ones. It only took me four months to find a job.
Alright, I admit it, I had no real goal or purpose in writing this blog post except to just get my first entry out there. In the near future I hope to be posting recipes, workouts, health news, and the like.
And thus ends my first official entry of my new (refurbished) blog.

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